Iraqi lawmaker: Daash selling Iraq and Syria oil at $ 20 a barrel

Iraqi lawmaker announced that the organization "Daash" terrorist selling oil on the black market for $ 20 a barrel.

MP from the Iraqi National Alliance, Mowaffak al-Rubaie, said in a statement posted on the site "Facebook" said Daash terrorist gangs sell oil in Turkish black market for $ 20 a barrel.

Rubaie pointed out that the first type of Turkish support for terrorist gangs Daash, is that those gangs sell Iraqi oil to the Turkish and Syrian black market the price reached $ 20 per barrel, ie half the world price of crude.

He continued: The second type of facilities Turkey to Daash, in that Turkey represents a point of recruiting new Aldoaash immigrants from all parts of the foreign and Arab world, and to meet with Aldoaash leaders in Istanbul in particular, to take them across the Turkish border with Iraq to Mosul, and with Syria to tenderness.

Rubaie pointed out that the wounded Daash gangs in military operations in Iraq, north and west, and the war in Syria, receiving treatment and Atabbon in hospitals in Turkey, calling on the Turkish government to work on cracking down on terrorists Daash gangs, who make the territory a breeding ground for them, so as not to get the same problem which was hit by the countries that have supported the gangs themselves.