Darraji: the integration of companies is a positive step designed to reduce the phenomenon of administrative sag

Said Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji, on Thursday, he said that the merging companies is a positive step aimed at limiting the phenomenon of administrative sag.
A statement by the Ministry of Industry received / scales News /, a copy of it on Thursday, that "the Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji chaired a meeting of directors of the ministry of public companies, was discussed during the meeting and discuss the integration of the ministry companies, and its effects on the work of these companies in the future decision."
The minister stressed that "this move is a positive step aimed at reducing the phenomenon of sagging administrative in the departments of the Ministry, central and achieve work more positive, without prejudice to workers in companies covered by the merger, as The meeting discussed the integration mechanisms, and requirements, and apply it in a thoughtful and true, to achieve the renaissance Industrial to support the slogan "Made in Iraq".
He noted that "this decision was consistent with the orientations of the Iraqi government in a general reforms in the country, and with the ministry identified trends and plan for reform in all fields, including the field of administrative" .

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