Tamimi calls for Russian investment companies to work in Baghdad

He called on the governor of Baghdad, Ali Mohsen al-Tamimi, Thursday, discreet Russian companies to invest in Baghdad, during a meeting with the Russian ambassador to Iraq, Elijah Murgunov.
Tamimi said: ensure that the meeting discussed ways of joint cooperation in the field of business and mechanics as well as Russian companies Proposals regarding the security aspect and all other areas, as well as coordination of the establishment of twinning with Moscow in the coming period.
He said Tamimi, "Maintaining deliberately to enter the Russian specialized companies to invest in the areas of security and the health sector, services and infrastructure projects, as well as contribute to a kind of joint cooperation between Baghdad and Moscow in the cultural field through the establishment of courses and exchange of experiences."
Tamimi said, "The Baghdad province welcomes the entry of all discreet and companies specialized in various sectors to contribute to the reconstruction of the capital, and invest in as well as working to engage strongly in the campaign implementation of service projects for the coming period."

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