Iraqi Troops Deal Blows to IS in Salaheddin
Baghdad, Nov 27 (Prensa Latina) The federal Iraqi police and volunteers of the Al-Hashed al Shaabi militia (People''s Mobilization) arrested today an Islamic State cleric and killed a snipper in operations launched in the northern province of Salaheddin.
According to website, the 17th brigade of the security forces arrested the mufti (Sunni cleric) of IS, known as Abu Abdullah Al-Badri and his driver in Al-Jelam, in eastern Salaheddin during a joint operation with the military intelligence.

In a separate action of the Shiite militias of the People's Mobilization,in the mountains of Makhoul, in northern Salaheddin, a snipper of the terrorists, who hid himself in a cave, was killed as pro-government forces advanced in the valleys surrounding the hills.

Meanwhile, a security force of the Ninive province, north of Baghdad, denounced that a judge at the service of IS, ordered today to punish 70 terrorists of the group accused of having fled the battlefield by cutting their ears.

Most of the accused were residents of that region who had been forced to join the ranks of the Sunni extremist gang this year, according to a report.

Vasts areas of Ninive, in particular Mosul, its capital, are in the hands of the Jihaddhists since June, 2014, despite multiple military actions launched by Kurdish Peshmerga fighters to liberate them.

Precisely, the Iraqi television showed today remarks made by British Prime Minister David Cameron, defining the Peshmerga as the ground forces of Britain in Iraq, in reference to the logistical support, advice and weapons they get from Britain and Germany.