Determine the demands of the demonstrators in Baghdad for a week and give Ebadi deadline

The Tenseekiet own demonstrations in Baghdad, the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on Friday 11/27/2015, the consolidation of its demands, which relate to the elimination of corruption and prosecuting corrupt.
According to press sources, the "special demonstrations Tenseekiet Baghdad united all demands relating to the eradication of corruption and the prosecution of corrupt officials," noting that "Altenseekiet gave Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi deadline one week, until the achievement of these demands."
"The Altenseekiet threatened to demonstrate in front of the gates of the Green Zone after the deadline for the end of the devotional, and the participation of all the sons of the provinces which is witnessing demonstrations against corruption."
The capital Baghdad and other provinces experiencing massive demonstrations every Friday, calling for reform and the prosecution of corrupt people and thieves of public money.