Sunni tribal "fighter" rejects conglomerate Najafi and calls for the strengthening of its role in the political process
2015-11-27 21:51:09

(Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Counting Sunni tribal leaders, on Friday, that the new bloc, which announced its formation in Oman recently "does not represent them," while calling for its members to isolate, called on the government to strengthen the role of the tribes that fought (Daash) and strengthening its political role.

The head of the Muttahidoon, Osama Najafi, announced last Monday, (the 23 of November the current 2015), the formation of a "Committee for the Coordination of graduate" includes 13 people from the sons of the six Sunni majority in Iraq's provinces, returned as "warm-up step" to form a party It complies with the law.

Ithawi: conglomerate Najafi represents wars traders were advised the government and the Americans not to deal with them

He said tribal leader Albu Aath in Anbar, Ghassan Ithawi, in an interview to the (long-Presse) that "the clan refuses to nearly boycotted any farm sectarian and abetting in this direction, because such clusters do not serve the Iraqi people, but also increase congestion in the time needed to promote the spirit of patriotism regardless of creed and nationality, "noting that" the bloc Najafi and Mutlaq is a division desolation of Iraq, and we are even if we had the intention to form a front or a block, we will seek to put the right man in the right place, and we will make sure to be a national of all Iraqis. "

The field commander of the clan, that it "represents Anbar province are rose up and fought terrorism Daash criminal takfiri. As of sitting here and there out of Iraq, has no right to speak in the name of Al-Anbar and the Sunnis."

He Ithawi "repeatedly said the United States and the Iraqi government represented by its president, Haydar al-Abadi, that it was necessary to deal with the tribal leaders who rose up bravely generally Daash terrorism, wars because their dealings with dealers constitutes a challenge and a projection of those leaders."

Gaood: fighters who defended the sons of the year they represent

For his part, Sheikh tribe of Albu Nimr, for the city of Hit, (70 km west of Ramadi) City, Naim al-Gaood, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The new bloc is far about us and our people," he said, adding it was the "politicians should support their parents in the fighting between them and the organization Daash terrorist gangs ".

Gaood promised, that those "politicians if they had a big role with their parents what they need for such blocs," surprise of the "Declaration of the new bloc out of Iraq while battling clans in defense of the Earth the most notorious terrorist in the world".

He accused the tribal Albu Nimr in Hit, politicians of "stealing tribal efforts and struggle", calling on the government because "the promotion of the role of clans and highlighted".

He Gaood, that "politicians are delivered the Bouklavathm the province to put the current deteriorating, whose price is paid parents, of the displacement and the displacement and killing," stressing that "it is important for the rebel clans now is to liberate the land from the clutches of Daash terrorist gangs, and then for every incident."

And he saw tribal Albu Nimr in Hit, that of the "fighters who defended the Sunnis represent them and are not beneficiaries politicians who are seeking to keep the situation as it is gearing up for the upcoming elections in their favor as they did before."

The Supreme Coordinating Committee "for the bloc Najafi", renewed on Thursday, emphasizing the principles announced, while called on all religious leaders in Iraq to support its orientations to raise the "injustice and suffering" for the displaced and displaced persons and the reform of the political process, showed that ending the suffering of the displaced people and rid "of prisoners "cities seized by (Daash), is one of the priorities of its work.

Karim: we do not need to be the trial of the members of the new bloc and dismissal

In turn, he said a tribal leader Albu Ajil, Qahtan Karim, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The conglomerate Mutlaq Najafi and does not represent the clan and is a second conspiracy against the Sunnis."

He said Karim, a Secretary-General of the Community of Salah al-Din for reconciliation and change, that the "head of government, Haider al-Abadi, notice that the second conspiracy against the Sunnis, and open channels of communication with the elders and tribal leaders on the ground."

He asked a tribal leader Albu Ajil, "What made by Osama Najafi and Saleh al-Mutlaq for displaced people and the people of Salah al-Din, who afflicted terrorizing Daash," calling Abadi to the "trial of the members of the new bloc and isolate them from the political process, because they do not represent only themselves, and did not provide for their families but displacement and occupation." .

The Shiite forces had promised on Wednesday, (25th of this November), that Najafi bloc's new end the dispersion of the year has been uniting their positions, as he emphasized Muttahidoon, that bloc announced by his boss was a "warm-up step" to form a party complies with the law.