Arbain visit .. the trade balance and balance of payments
November 27, 2015

Order for us during our visit to the Islamic Republic, accompanied by President of the Republic, to attend the Third Forum of the Summit of Gas Exporting Countries, to witness the great efforts exerted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Iraqi Embassy in Tehran, to regulate the subject of visas for visitors Iranians, on the occasion of the death of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him .. and we have seen a relentless movement to Mr. Ambassador and the rest of the staff, and told us that he opened 11 consulates in various Iranian cities, to issue entry features, so as to be able to meet the huge demand, and to provide mobility to visitors Hussein by the effort of peace .. and we said that the number of attributes granted per day has arrived More than 120 000 .. and that Tehran feature alone Consulate issued last Monday, only 65 000 feature .. and that this will continue to the next Monday, and that according to these data, the number of Iranian visitors will exceed two million visitors. There is no doubt that a similar effort made in the rest of Iraq's embassies and consulates in many countries, requiring a congratulatory brothers in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on this great effort.

In the course of the meeting, some brothers and sisters in the embassy, ​​I noticed the pride they have that they are religious duties and serving of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, and at the same time providing for the state treasury large amounts of imports, comes in these difficult circumstances .. He was ordained feature is $ 30. The simple calculation means that more than $ 60 million will enter the Treasury in a few days, which is the balance of trade will strengthen the state, the trade balance is the value of goods unforeseen and services imported and exported between the two countries .. except Sbarvh Visitors of amounts, a great addition to the amounts of donations and food and lodging and transportation, which will boost the whole of «balance of payments» («trade balance» plus unforeseen resources, investments and subsidies, etc.), and all this is true for a visit Arbain, it is true when Visits calculated during the year, and on both sides.
In the midst of this talk with the brothers and sisters, we assume that the Visitors annual number will be 3 million visitors ..

Then we asked how distracted visitor .. differed opinion between $ 200 to $ 500 .. If we assume that he payout of $ 300 for transportation, accommodation, food, purchases and gifts, the « Balance of Payments »Iraq will bring to $ 900 million in addition to 90 million dollars,« trade balance »visa fee which directly enter the state treasury, a total of nearly one billion dollars a year. Here, we asked about their expectations if canceled entry fees and attributes, what are their estimates to prepare .. the answer is categorically everyone that number could double. For up to 5 or 6 million visitors a year and more. Assuming that the number would be five million visitors a year .. This means that what will achieve the balance of payments will increase from $ 1.5 billion, as resources College entering the country, which is clearly more than the interest earned when imposing visas and necessarily less expensive. The benefits here visible and invisible to the citizens and interests, from stores, markets, restaurants, hotels and media and transport aircraft and others.

Of course, it will increase the number of Iraqi visitors to Iran as well .. and will come out in return some of the money .. but if we look at the issue as a whole, it will strengthen the ties bridge to Iran, and expands it much in the interests of the two countries, the economic cycle, and open relations, markets and interests .. It also reinforced with dozens of countries they wish citizens visit not only the holy sites, but also the Islamic and non-Islamic and other religious sites .. and that makes religious Visits not the unity of workers and enrich the religious, psychological, cultural, historical and spiritual only, but economic enriching factor also, Sthsdna it has a lot of countries.