Baghdadi News reveals a parallel auction to auction Central Bank
November 27, 2015

Baghdadi News revealed the operations side of the corruption in the auction sale of foreign currency at the central bank.

Informed sources said the Baghdadi News, said the companies and offices fake belonging to people with great political influence with extensive ties with some of the bank's staff is providing commercial contracts and documents to import fake to buy instruments carrying amounts of up to millions of dollars from the bank auction President building Rasheed Bank President branch 106, the sources added that those instruments are sold later in the secondary auction collimated is held next to the bank's main building in front of the eyes and ears of Directors and forces and security stationed there, pointing to the existence of a group of people control the price and quantity of the dollar sold in the daily auction and accounted for six percent of the total bank sales Central went profits for this group, and sources confirmed that this group dealing instruments do not have a financial balance until the sale of the amount purchased the dollar of the auction, as it is based are limited staff in a number of banks to delay disbursement instruments until the deposit of the instrument after the sale of dollar amount purchased, with information showing that Daily revenue for this group of at least ten million dollars.