Jaafari Japanese Senate: we look forward to increasing the size of the investment and aid
27 November 2015

Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said on Thursday that Iraq is looking forward to increased investment and aid.

According to a statement of the ministry that "al-Jaafari, met in the capital, Tokyo, a number of members of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Japanese Senate, the two sides reviewed the overall bilateral relations and ways of enhancing them to serve the interest of both countries and to discuss developments in the region."

The Foreign Minister expressed "appreciation of the Iraqi people for the support provided by Japan for Iraq to finance a number of development projects, referring to the" Iraq is looking forward to increase the volume of Japanese investments in the presence of many investment opportunities, stressing the government's commitment to working to achieve security, stability and improve the investment climate. "

He added that "the phenomenon of terrorism are the major challenges facing the international community should strengthen cooperation in counter-terrorism measures, and the exchange of information, stressing that" the insistence of the Iraqi government to the fight against terrorist organizations. "

He pointed to Jafari that "international efforts to combat Daash were not the level of ambition as a patch terrorism widened in the countries targeted, in addition to increasing the number of its elements, pointing out that" the Iraqis are fighting with all the honor in defense of themselves and on behalf of the whole world and all that Iraq needs is the support of intelligence and humanitarian and service. "

And eighth-Jaafari Japan's support for Iraq at all levels, expressing his aspiration of Iraq to be Tokyo's role in the promotion of aid, and projects in Iraq, calling for the necessity of activating the work of the Joint Committee, as the face of the Minister call for members of the Foreign Relations Committee to visit Iraq.
For their part, members of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Japanese Senate for their country's commitment to support Iraq in all fields, stressing Tokyo's insistence on strengthening relations between the two countries