The text of the response of the Federal Court to appeal against the abolition of the posts of Vice President of the Republic
27 November 2015

The Federal Supreme Court rejected the appeal submitted by Osama Najafi Cancel posts of Vice-President of the Republic of reforms within the decisions made by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and approved by the House of Representatives.

According to the text of the court's decision, which it issued last Tuesday: the scrutiny and deliberation of the Federal Supreme Court found that the prosecutor appealed the decision of the House of Representatives adopted on 08/11/2015 to ratify the Council of Ministers decision taken to cancel the position of his client 08/09/2015 Vice President of the Republic [Osama Najafi] claim of violating the Constitution and the laws in force and to provide the conditions to challenge the unconstitutionality of the resolution, and asked in his lawsuit and the abolition of the post of Champions decision to cancel his client Vice President of the Republic. "
The court added that "It is note the case, we find that the plaintiff established his claim before this court as a vice president in addition to his job, and that's where the third person the Prime Minister in addition to his job has canceled a position immediately endorsed the agent of the defendant in addition to his job."
It showed that "this cancellation did not comment on the House of Representatives authentication and implemented immediately, and it is the prosecutor may have functional called on the Council of Ministers' decision on 08/09/2015 so not valid before him in this case is not the defendant in addition to his job nor the third person the Prime Minister added Balsafh to his job in which case established that the allegation made in its request and in the introduction of the third person Achtsamaa interference ".

He noted the court's response to the challenge Najafi said that "To lose this lawsuit legal corroboration of hand Al_khasomhvtkon due to respond, and the referee decided to hail a lawsuit term Osama Abdul Aziz Najafi from the point of antagonism and loading expenses and attorneys' fees The agents of the defendant and the Under the third person in the amount of 100 000 dinars," the decision.

The cabinet voted in 11 of last August, agreeing to government reforms, which included the cancellation of a major positions of vice-minister of the Republic pack