Talabani reveals a serious crisis to hit the region

Fri, 27 Nov 2015 10:31:28

Agency Sama Baghdad

Deputy President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Qubad Talabani, on Thursday, that the region is suffering a financial crisis reached a "dangerous" level, attributing the causes to the drop in oil prices and not rely on other resources and the weakness of the private sector.

Talabani said in a statement issued today, after meeting with members of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's parliamentary bloc and the government, said that "the weakness and lack of resources and increase government expenses reached the level of dangerous," adding that "the financial crisis faced by the region is the most serious crises."

Talabani added, that "the Kurdistan region suffers from economic pressure as a result of falling oil prices and not rely on other sources and to increase the number of staff and the weakness of the private sector," adding that "strengthening the sources of imports and organizing expenses will be one of the priorities of the government."

Talabani, announced, in (November 2015 9) that the Government of the Territory more than 1.0003 million thousand employees, explaining that this number is a heavy burden on the government of the region can not be this way, the practice of successful management.