Economic parliamentary: the currency of the 50 000 dinars does not affect the value of the Iraqi dinar

Date: 11/27/2015 13:37

Information / BAGHDAD / ..
understated member of the parliamentary Economic Committee Najiba Najib, on Friday, of the importance of printing the 50 currency thousand dinars being ineffective on the value of the currency in general.

She said Najib told / information /, "The Print category of 50 000 dinars soon and put in the markets will not affect the Iraqi currency value at all. "

The goal of printed at the present time in order to avoid carrying large amounts always Mataatard to steal, "adding that" the Iraqi currency value remained the same and no need to fear.

She noted that "probably raised small coins Kmeskukat metal as it is the case in all countries of the world. "
and showed Najib said the "rumors about the effect on the economic situation because of the new currency groundless his health," asserting that "the Iraqi dinar still maintains its position despite the difficult economic conditions experienced by the country ". Finished / 25