Agriculture will continue to provide support to farmers and farmers for the advancement of the agricultural sector

Ministry of Agriculture confirmed on Thursday, continued to provide support to the peasants and farmers to promote the agricultural sector, according to scientific methods. According to the Department of Relations and Media in the agriculture ministry said the Baghdad Division / Karkh supplied books peasant support for equipping fuel allocated in accordance with the coupons for this purpose, as well as promoting the renewal of fuel kerosene books transactions.

"The investment unit in the Division followed up reaping the maize crop to full-time agricultural plan, was during the last period to do field trips by the Agricultural Extension in agricultural areas to guide farmers to modern farming methods officials." Office pointed to the ministry's efforts through programs and strategic plans for the development of the agricultural sector and the plants and stores the company between public Mesopotamia Seed receiving corn crop from farmers in order to carry out storage and negligence and convert it to feed contribute to the development of the poultry sector.