Bin Laden Group to lay off 15 000 jobs because of the decline in the construction sector in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's economy dropped because of low oil prices and wars waged in the region cast a shadow over the private sector investment sector there where initiated major Saudi companies develop treatments to avoid any setbacks may affect the economic situation in the Kingdom, including the major companies in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, where it plans to set Bin Laden Group Saudi Bin Laden construction dispense about 15 thousand employees, as quoted "Reuters" agency sources described Palmtalaap, in reference to the pressure faced by the construction sector with the reduction in UK spending after the decline in oil prices. will not pose a potential layoffs in the "Bin Laden Group" only a small percentage of the total workforce, amounting to about 200 thousand people also indicate the group's page on the site "Linked".

But the potential redundancies model of the decisions that have companies to be taken given the decline in the momentum of the Saudi economy.
According to the sources, "Reuters," the Saudi construction sector is suffering from weak and there are blurry and difficult to plan for the selection of the focus because companies Not sure whether the project will go ahead.

It is expected that the "Bin Laden Group" cutting out a section of the fifteen thousand workers on the spot, while others will be transferred temporarily to work in the project Jeddah Airport .
The agency said the group did not respond to its communications to comment on the news.
The "bin Laden group" suffered a strong setback in the month of September in the wake of the incident, the fall of one of the Grand Mosque in Mecca cranes, where he issued the Royal Court, then the directives to stop rating the group and prevent it from entering into any new projects, as well as a review of all projects, which holds the current implementation.