Finance Committee emphasizes the conclusion of the investigation on suspicions of corruption Iraqi bank the TBI

26-11-2015 02:57 PM

The investigative parliamentary confirmed, on Thursday, the end of its investigation on the existence of suspicions of corruption dealings Bank of Iraq the TBI on the back of accusation general manager of the bank Hamdiya dry on charges of money laundering.

The decision of the Finance Committee and a member of the investigative committee Ahmed Hama Rasheed in a press statement today, that "the Commission investigative formed by the parliamentary Finance Committee about the existence of suspicions of corruption relating to transactions TBI The TBI Sulaymaniyah branch ended their actions today.

"" The committee will submit in the coming days a detailed report to the Finance Committee for the purpose submitted to the Presidency of the Council "refusing" to disclose details of what outcome of the investigation.

"The move after that revealed document, refer the investigation with the Trade Bank of Iraq the director of TBI Hamdiya dry leaves, according to Article XVI to the competent investigation of integrity issues court, and on the back of interest to money laundering and receipt of information indicating the involvement of a bank branch in Sulaimaniyah files of financial corruption.