Parliamentary committees: the media to expose corruption cases part of the People supervision to prosecute those involved

Legal and Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, yesterday, the need to disseminate corruption cases as part of the People's Control "stimulate" the judiciary to deal with these files.
Committees revealed that there is coordination with the government and the judiciary and the central bank to follow Chalabi files, and threatened to resort to the fourth power in the event of failure to take appropriate action.
And published (range) the files of corruption in the currency auction and the involvement of dozens of local companies and banks in this file that Juma, Chairman of the Parliamentary Finance Committee late Ahmad Chalabi before his death, blessings and copy them to, inter alia, the long Foundation for Media, Culture and Arts. The (long) hand over the entire file to the Judicial Council, which has formed a committee to investigate the files.
The parliamentary legal committee position in response to the remarks fired by President of the Central Bank, on the Keywords, last week, where these files were posted in the media criticized because it "secret" may harm the memoranda of understanding signed with some countries. However, the parliamentary Finance responded to the Keywords, saying that "the official files and non-confidential and not warfare secrets or intelligence."
He said the legal committee member Slim Shawki, in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "corruption can not be kept secret," adding that "the media revealed to those issues, especially those related to money laundering, is necessary as part of the People's control to stimulate the judiciary and the pressure on him Ki is moving against it and take the necessary actions against the perpetrators. " He said Shawki that "the late Ahmad Chalabi him important files relating to the corruption of Mali to more than one party, including the Attorney General and the Integrity Commission and political leaders, as well as institution-range of information, culture and the arts," adding that "the move bore those actors responsible for the need to pursue the corrupt private that crime does not statute of limitations. "
He said mass citizen member of "The Iraqi judiciary is still weak in front of the heads of corruption and its networks," noting that "the judiciary will not be able to take the necessary decisions against powerful state." In contrast, emphasized Masood Haider, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, said that his committee "were continuing with the government and the judiciary Central Bank to follow up the files of corruption in the currency auction, "and threatened to" resort to the fourth power to detect important files if you did not take actions on those files. "
The MP said Haider, in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that his committee "has a special files to sell the currency at the central bank auction, which is in touch with the government and the judiciary and the central bank on them to block the mafia in this sector," noting that "the Commission will resort to the fourth power in the event of lack of response from those agencies and take the necessary action on those files, to mobilize public opinion and force it to do so. "
The member of the Finance Committee that "the Committee and other corrupted files many, including the issue of Real Estate State which Sthrkha soon," calling on regulatory and judicial concerned to "hard act to take action against the corrupt, lest Committee have to exposed to public opinion."