Industry confirms its ability to state ministries most of its processing


In light of the approval of the Cabinet during its regular fifth session to do all the ministries to secure their needs for products and Ministry of Industry and Minerals and other companies, economists believe that the application is very complex, and while stressed that the success of any Iraqi industry in the public sector must pass from the sector gate the private, the Ministry of Industry and Minerals announced that it is capable of more than 200 items from its processing to the Ministries of State, noting that the application of the law will restore the Iraqi industry and its limits foreign goods flooding the market shoddy.
The official spokesman for the Ministry of Industry and Minerals Abdul Wahid al-Shammari said in an interview to the "long", that "the ministry moved towards legislative and executive powers in order to activate the Ministry of Industry companies because it includes technical staff and human potential enormous, the largest ministries in terms of the number of cadres and companies," noting that "Companies produce about 210 different material types used for industrial and domestic and military purposes."
Shammari said that "the ministry is able to most ministries equipped with the necessary within the limits of Industry and Minerals products, pointing out that the electrical industries produce the highest levels, as well as spinning plants and Alencih industries and rubber materials used in agriculture as fertilizer urea."
Abdul Wahid al-Shammari added that the ministry agreed with the Ministry of Electricity and the secretariat of Baghdad on future cooperation to Tjisahma products of Industry and Minerals, and in the detection of signing a contract with the Ministry of Agriculture for processing b 14 000 tons of urea fertilizer stressed that the Euphrates company will produce chlorine instead of imported very soon and that there was a move from the province of Baghdad and other provinces to sign contracts for the processing of that article. "
He called al-Shammari government to the legislation of laws to support and protect the national product as well as the application of the customs tariff is tight and strictly to limit the entry of goods without restrictions or conditions, pointing out that the local product does not have the ability to compete with those goods because of low prices and poor types, while stressed that the application of the customs tariff on the import of cement lifting of Iraqi cement sales dramatically for a specified period, accusing traders to circumvent the law by obtaining investment licenses entitling them to import material without tax or tariff Kmarkip ".
According to the words of the official spokesman for the Ministry of Industry and Minerals Abdul Wahid al-Shammari the middle of next month will hold a conference to support the local industry and the product under the auspices of President of the Republic Fuad Masum, on the land of the Baghdad International Fair and that all the ministry's products will be presented during the conference.
For his part, he saw economist Maitham coffee that law enforcement would be complicated, "extremely" and recycles the same again, describing the problem-ridden Iraqi industry to "structural", indicating that the national industrial structure in the public sector, it is useful to grow and continue, but according to certain requirements must be incorporated.
And the coffee in an interview with the "long" that "the most important requirements in the national industry growth in the public sector is to separate the Ministry of Industry system for financial and administrative corruption in general of the Iraqi state, pointing out that it's not easy with years of weak law, and with the spread of bullying and partisan Mahassa, inside the womb of all Iraqi ministries.
He explained that "the success of any Iraqi industry in the public sector must pass from the private sector gate, and by building a genuine partnership between the two parties, to be the ultimate master of that goal is to work within the limits of economic efficiency, including driving him from working within the international quality and competition standards , which runs from the basic principle is to reduce costs and maximize returns. "
He said economic expert, said: "The problem that remains is how the state is able to calculate the production of products that you need ministries compared to the value of imported counterpart importing costs, as well as calculate the extent of the direct and indirect benefits that can derive from doing domestic industry in the public sector, and comparison between the establishment of a debate led by the private sector industries and than that carried out by the public sector. "
He announced the Information Office of the Prime Minister, yesterday Tuesday, Cabinet approval for the insurance needs of the ministries of products and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals in accordance with Article 36 of the Budget Law for 2015, and the processing of all ministries requests by direct contract with the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and other companies to encourage national product. "With The Board approved the formation of a committee of the Ministry of Planning and stakeholders to evaluate product quality and value-added processing for the local product.