Zebari: The government continues to edit the salary scale and the amendment to the nominal salary and not allowances

Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari revealed that the IMF did not put conditions on Iraq on financially and added his support during a press conference in Karbala, Iraq will take over one billion and two hundred million dollars loan from the International Monetary Fund over the next adding days that the government has sent the amendments to the budget bill to Parliament and on the ladder The new salaries Zebari stressed that the government continues to edit the salary scale and will be edited at the nominal salary and not allowances.
Zebari stressed the existence of a move by the government to fight corruption and money laundering, noting that the funds released by one of the media a real and realistic and the judiciary and regulatory follow-up of these files and resolved by washing files.
And on the millions of visits in the holy city of Karbala confirmed the Minister of Finance to secure some of the preservation requirements for the provision of services for visitors, calling the visit to take advantage of the resources of his part, Karbala governor Akil Turaihi that the province asked the government to the amount of ten billion dinars will be Mnaqlatha from other sections.