Japan agree to the establishment of water purification plant Muthanna end the suffering of the 300 thousand people

2015-11-25 21:45:07

| (Voice of Iraq) - Al-Muthanna

Muthanna management announced on Tuesday, Japan approval to lend to Iraq to establish a filter and water desalination station in the center of the province by its companies, indicating that it will provide drinking to 300 thousand people suffer from water scarcity now.

The governor of Muthanna, Faleh Abdul Hassan sugar, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Japanese government has agreed to lend Iraq to set up filtering and desalination of water on the Euphrates River Station, in the city of Samawah, (250 km south of Baghdad)," returned to " the station will be one of the big projects and the task that Japan has pledged to implement them as soon as possible and the latest technology to provide drinking water to 300 thousand people are currently suffering from scarcity. "

He added sugar, that "the plant will pull water from the Euphrates River, which suffers from turbidity within the borders of the province," noting that it "will reduce the reliance on the Shatt al-Rumaitha."

It is noteworthy that the total energy of the plant of 100 thousand tons of drinking water a day, and it is hoped that benefit more than 300 thousand people live in the province are suffering from water shortage for many years.