Structured ministries run by agents .. and ministers continue to knock on the doors presidencies to no avail

2015-11-25 22:18:07

| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Minister Mrhq the House of Representatives is likely to change its position on the actions carried out by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, especially after the Parliament's decision to retain its powers, which he interpreted as a "pull mandate" granted to Ebadi in August.

The minister sent a deportee, in the past three months, dozens of letters to the highest authorities in the country inquiring about the status of his ministry and its staff after the decision to merge the Ministry of others. And it confirms that the answers were mixed, and the varying views on the legal status of the restructuring decision, which included about 11 ministries.

And still most of the ministries, "structured" operating normally, and managed by agents, and is committed to staff their offices on a daily basis, although some wanted to look for an alternative site before being abandoned under "surplus need" as is the case in the Ministry of Human Rights.

Doubt those covered by government ministers reforms of the feasibility Abadi's decision to provide financial differences or make a quantum leap in the administrative system, but rather the contrary, it may require new funds for employees transferred to the ministries of works ladder different salaries.

Important projects may stop

Some ministries also reached important projects may avoid Iraq expensive to buy imported goods, and these projects go in the wind if the ministry canceled or been merged into another.

Jajo says Knight, the only Christian minister in the government before the reforms, "We have reached an impressive laboratory results to the invention of a laser detector to determine explosives not only in solid form, but liquid as well."

The pilot project, according to the Minister of Science and Technology Almrhq, work by a team of 12 researchers with the participation of five circles concerned about it for a period of 7 months.

Explains Jajo, in connection with the (range), "The government is not interested in or the ministries of defense and interior project, which Sagnina for reagents failed and costly explosives," stressing that "these and other projects in the areas of pollution, agriculture and space may Istrikn on the shelf if it continued to integrate the ministry's decision." .

Abadi decided last August merging the Ministry of Science and Technology with the Ministry of Higher Education, which is headed by Hussein al-Shahristani, but the measure may be blocked after the parliament's decision early this November when he decided to stick to its powers.

The Minister of Science and Technology "Things may change after the House resolution, but in addition to the Federal Court did not decide Icoma by order of the Ministry of human rights."

The Federal Court had asked the Parliament, last October, the vote on the legality of the Ministry of Environment, which is also integrated with health or not, after an appeal by its minister exiled Qutaiba al-Jubouri.

Parliament response time to agree to merge the two ministries, although the chairman of the Health Committee Fares friend said he had explained to the House the importance of the Ministry of Environment under the Environmental Pollution gripping the country. But the latest warnings did not change the decision of the parliament.

The head of the Iraqi bloc free Qutaiba al-Jubouri suggested, in last August, transforming the Ministry of Environment to an independent body, and called on the Prime Minister to review its decision to integrate the environment with the health and cancel the execution, he described the decision of the merger as "unfair" the right of its members and does not serve the environmental "bitter reality" in Iraq.

Minister asks about his fate

And confirms the Minister of Science and Technology earlier he had sent dozens of letters to the three presidencies, and he fought rounds of discussion with ministers and parliamentarians in the legal committee on the status of the ministry staff and put the more than 11 thousand.

Jajo says "I got varying opinions, Friasa Republic and Parliament stress the importance of adhering to the Constitution and the Abadi measures according to their views is not legal."

In the view of the Minister of Science that "ordered him out of the ministry political more than anything else," adding, "I did not answer me the Prime Minister or anyone from the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers for my condition or why the ministry was merged!".

The minister, who left his ministry alone is estimated to cost the transfer of staff to the angel of Higher Education about 300 billion per month, due to the recent work of the ministry ladder different salaries. But the parliamentary Economic Committee that the costs outweigh the integration of science and technology at the Ministry of Education's decision about 400 billion dinars per month.

Jajo and still believes that there are many proposals to resolve the problem of integration between the ministries of science and technology with the first higher education as a diversion to an independent body or the division of the Ministry of Education to four departments, including science and technology. Pointing out that the integration of the two ministries may take a long time.

And he raised the issue of reducing the government's angry reaction, particularly among minority groups that have lost their representation within the Council of Ministers.

The minister "Almrhq, on the go, keep saying to his office, a full week, without the presence of the Council of Ministers.

Ministry Directorate size

Parliamentarians and confirms the invalidity of the abolition of the ministries of its law, which is called the Ministry of the portfolio, as opposed to the Ministries of State, which usually lack the law determines its structure and responsibilities.

He says Mohammed Mahdi al-Bayati, the former Minister of Human Rights, that "all the canceled ministries have laws either by the Revolution Command Council dissolved or Bremer's authority or from the Iraqi parliament."

Explains al-Bayati told (range), that "the ministries of 1,400 employees only. They are the size of the staff of the Office of queries in large ministries."

And confirms the minister of Turkmenistan, "the prime minister will not provide the abolition of the Ministry of Human Rights only budget equivalent to a small budget Directorate at the Ministry of electricity or oil," adding that "staff in the ministry run by the agent now, continue to work, and it finds a mode of moving to another ministry." .

The al-Bayati said "the abolition of the Ministry of Human Rights is an Iraqi man and a mockery of the victims of the Baath and Al-Qaeda and Daash".

The decision to cancel the ministry resentment sons component of Turkmenistan, which calls for granting al-Bayati, an alternative position as compensation for the ministry canceled.

He says Hassan Turan, a Turkmen deputy and member of the parliamentary legal committee, said he submitted a request approved by the 27 members to re-Ministry of Human Rights.

He explained Hassan Turan (range) that "the government decided to abolish the Ministry of Law and has formed a task treaties with the States to regulate the return of mortal remains in previous wars as well as other important agreements."

The package of reforms led to the abolition of the ministries of the share of minorities, such as Turkomen and Christians, as long procedures and the Ministry of Women.

The recent changes have raised questions about the reason for the exception limbering for a number of service ministries that usually accused of failing procedures and managed by the ministers belonging to the major political forces.

Abadi, 11, and canceled a position in the government. This included the cancellation of the Ministry of Human Rights and the Ministry of State for Women's Affairs, and the Ministry of State for Provincial Affairs and the House of Representatives, and the Ministry of another country.

The measures also merged the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Also it merged the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Municipalities and the Ministry of Construction and Housing, and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Ministry of Culture.

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