Iran exports to Iraq more than a million tons of material during the past few months through the port Shalamjah

2015-11-25 22:29:07

| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Iranian official confirmed on Wednesday, exporting about 1.0005 million tons of construction materials, fruits and vegetables to Iraq through the crossing (Shalamjah) border, during the past eight months, indicating that the value in excess of Al760 million.

The Director-General of Customs of Khorramshahr, Arif Bowie, according to the MAP news agency IRNA IRNA, today, said that "more than one million and 414 thousand and 465 tons of goods valued at more than $ 760 million, have been issued to Iraq through Mnfd Shalamcheh border in the province of Basra (590 km south of Baghdad), during the past eight months starting from the beginning of the Iranian year (21 March 2015). "

Bowie said, that "export goods include cement and construction materials, fruits and vegetables," noting that "trade with Iraq may rate compared to the same duration of the year 2014 has increased the past."

He explained Director General of Customs of Khorramshahr, that "the current through the Shalamcheh border crossing trade exchanges include the main food, such as fruits and vegetables that are currently needed by the visitors."

The commercial attache at the Iranian embassy in Baghdad, Ibrahim Raza, said during a press conference in the city of Hilla, (100 km south of Baghdad),) in (the 15th of July 2015),
The trade exchange between his country the size of Iraq and has increased billion, since last June 2014 to the same month of the current year 2015, from 13 to 14 billion dollars, noting that the two countries are planning to raise the volume of bilateral trade to 20 billion dollars a year.