Maliki prevent Iraq received 35 Russian MiG aircraft from Turkish airspace


Baghdad Alabarah- Bashir al-Araji
It revealed the close of the parliamentary delegation that visited Russia a few days ago about the reason for sources

Delays in the supply of some weapons and aircraft from Russia to Iraq, as sources indicated in a statement for "Baghdad news" that the pressure exerted by Turkey to prevent the entry of aircraft purchased by Iraq from Russia through Turkish airspace and diverted towards Iran, which increases the political problems of Russia with Western countries which opposes any role for Iran in the war with Daash. Indicating that a group of 35 MiG jets bought by Iraq from Russia included to Moscow has returned before reaching the Iraqi territory, due to prevent Turkey flight this fighter aircraft over its territory, because to authorize the purchase was signed by the two former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, saying that it was from expected to reach those planes shipment to Iraq, but through Iranian airspace.
The sources said, that the delegation of the Committee of Defense of parliamentary security, who visited Moscow last week, has made clear it's about the reason for the non-arrival of new batches of deal 35 MiG planes that are supposed delivered to Iraq from the Russian side, and that the Turkish objection to the signing of the deal by al-Maliki, The delegation was shocked by this barrier which is supposed to overcome administrative and diplomatic measures. And they criticized the sources, what it described as the lack of real follow-up of deals held by Iraq billions of dollars to buy planes have the most prominent role in resolving the battle with Daash, calling on authorities that have adopted the aircraft deal to take coordinating measures with Russia, Turkey and recognizes the aircraft in the shortest time.
It is noteworthy that the Iraqi government has concluded the purchase of 10 MiG-35 deal with modern specifications with Russia, after delays from the US side to take delivery of F-16 aircraft despite pushed Iraq to the costs of this deal for a long time, but the United States has not fulfilled its obligations with Baghdad , with an urgent need to enter the Air Force in the battle against Daash, has been flight-led coalition Washington on Iraqi airspace and control the firing of rockets button on terrorists from the sky dominated, amid skepticism seriously this alliance in the beating organization sites of terrorism and the elimination of its elements.