Diabetes and pressure," al-Maliki to force a treatment in Iran trip

Tehran -arac Press November / Novmr -25: Vice President seemed president of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, Wednesday, Journey treatment in Iran of people with diabetes and pressure.

According to a source close to al-Maliki, the "last left, today, the Iranian capital Tehran for the purpose of treatment of the consequences of the diseases which complains of them years ago."

The source pointed out, that "al-Maliki good health."

The statement from the Office Maliki has said, on Tuesday, the head of a coalition of law will leave, Wednesday, to visit Iran in the treatment takes several days. "

And it offers al-Maliki, in recent months, to more than illness -including their Gelth- was taken to Ibn al-Bitar hospital in Baghdad, according to informed sources. Ended (1)