US ambassador from Basra: We will give {70} million dollars for displaced people in the general areas of Iraq


{Basra: Euphrates News} The US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones declared that "the United States will provide {70} million dollars for displaced people in the general areas of Iraq."
According to a statement of the province of Basra agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on Wednesday, that "the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui, received in his office at the Diwan of maintaining the US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones, and discussed with him the security and economic situation of the province."
The governor of Basra in a joint news conference with the US ambassador "We discussed with Ambassador overall security, economic and political situation in Iraq in general and Basra in particular, the mechanisms of activating the memorandum of twinning previously signed between Basra and the state of Houston American".
Nasraoui, adding that "the local government in the province of Basra want to enter the US companies to work in the province, especially since the new investment law will help in attracting investors to work within the city."
He said the governor of Basra "We also discussed with Jones the possibility of the exchange of experiences between the two sides in the field of administrative decentralization, the fact that the United States has a long history in this area."
In turn, the US ambassador in Iraq said that "the United States are now collecting in-kind assistance to the displaced for the winter worth seventy million dollars will be provided for displaced people in the general areas of Iraq, he said," pointing out that "the United States, since the month of June 2014 provided $ 600 million in aid to Iraq."
According to Stuart Jones that "there are investors, two from the United States entered to work in the province of Basra, specifically to work in the field of the transport sector in the ports of Iraq," noting that "the US Embassy and the Government of Basra have agreed to support the two companies; for the success of their work in order to enter more US companies to work in Basra ". Ended h