American architectural magazine: economic and political transformations anticipated in Basra qualify for a higher Barr

(Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Promised an American magazine specialized projects of reconstruction, said on Wednesday that Basra might be "eligible" to build the highest tower in the world, attributed to the rapid economic transformation of the factors, and the possibility converted into economic capital of Iraq to enjoy its oil wealth "enormous".

The City Lab Citylab Journal of the American specialized projects of reconstruction and building cities, in a report today, said that "the future of the project promised adopted AMBS Iraqi company - British architectural projects to build the world's tallest tower in the city of Basra, will carry the bride Gulf Tower name," noting that "Basra may be eligible for such a project because of the rapid economic transformations factors, it may be the economic capital of Iraq to enjoy its vast oil wealth."

The magazine added that "vertical city for the project bride Tower in Basra, planned to a height of three-quarters of mile in the sky, has not been designed by Adrian Smith and Gordon Company American generation for Reconstruction, which designed the Burj Khalifa, the highest in the world right now, and the Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia, which will be completed soon and will be created top of the world, "indicating that" the bride tower was designed by the British company AMBS-Iraq reconstruction projects. "

According to the American Journal, that "what distinguishes the architectural project bride Tower, not height only, but its size capacity and also the space that is occupied on the ground," pointing out that "the formulation of the outer structure of the side of the building, the tower was designed to suggest Berqa bride hanging on the ground as an umbrella at its base where There beneath tourist facilities and recreational outlets. "

She stressed City Lab, the "city of Basra is witnessing rapid economic transformation, and the number of Nfosha of three up to million people, are seeking to reconstruction and are looking to convert the territory", usually that "the province is characterized by its oil wealth, which qualifies them to become the economic capital of the new Iraq."

The site Metro METRO news the British, said in his theme, in, (the 19th of November the current 2015), I followed the (long-Presse), that AMBS architectural global company which is based in Britain and the Iraq-based, revealed the design proposed vertical city set up in Basra (590 km south of Baghdad), with the highest tower in the world, more than three thousand feet long and includes a 241-storey, indicating that it will be called "the bride Tower" named after the title of "bride Gulf" who used to launch people of the city.

The mass of the citizen of the Islamic Supreme Council headed by Ammar al-Hakim, had suggested earlier in the bill to make Basra economic capital of Iraq, but the government postponed the approval being involves financial implications.

The President of the Republic Fuad Masum student during his visit to Basra, in (the 23 of February 2015), the need to work on the economic capital city of Basra, Iraq's declaration, stressing the need to take practical steps to advertise it.

The MPs and activists Besrion, declared in (the 15th of April 2015), submit a request to the Office of the elections to turn the province into the territory, expressing their confidence in the approval of ten percentage required percent of local voters on the project, while the office confirmed that he raise the matter to the Board of Commissioners in Baghdad to take the appropriate decision on it.

The Independent Electoral Commission, has agreed to, (17 August 2015), on the second request for the citizens of Basra on the formation of Basra province.