Maliki's coalition government demanding the expulsion of the US ambassador ...

November 25, 2015

Baghdad / Iraq News Network called the MP for the coalition of state law Ibtisam Hilali, Wednesday, the government to expel the US ambassador and the closure of the embassy in Baghdad, stressing that the role of the international coalition led by Washington in Iraq Ma.oukalt Hilali in a press statement today: "The The US administration is seeking in every way to the application of the idea of ​​dividing Iraq brought by US Vice President Joe Biden, "indicating that" Washington and some of its allies in the region are supporting what it calls the opposition moderate in Syria for the continuation of ignition region.

"She added that" the United States and some Western countries and funds Gulf organizing Daash criminal made to ensure that the stability of the region and even increase the chaos in which ".utabat Hilali that" America's been a few years ago to the financial crisis had been declared bankrupt was followed but fluctuated from selling arms and ammunition to countries threatened by criminal organization, "pointing out that" the coalition International negative role in Iraq and its flight condones hit Aldoaash sites ".olaguet United States major criticism because of its support for terrorist groups in Syria, and the lack of seriousness in the fight against terrorism in Iraq, after being soft pounding Daash criminal and Artale despite enabling them to it and see the Air Force to the so-called International Alliance Daash public movements in Mosul and Anbar without bombardment.