Kurdistan Alliance: 2016 budget free of the rights of the Peshmerga

November 25, 2015

Baghdad / Iraq News Network confirmed the MP from the Kurdistan Alliance Ashwaq dry, Wednesday, that the next year's budget without the rights and privileges of the Peshmerga forces, calling on politicians to stay away from auctions and recognize that all troops have the same rights and the same duties. She said dry in a statement today: "The 2016 budget did not guarantee the rights and salaries of the Peshmerga therefore the government materialized in the promises of past and current budget", stressing "the need to move away from the political one-upmanship and recognize that all troops have the same rights and the same duties." She added that "Iraq today is an urgent need to unite and support to military forces, whether military or crowd or the Peshmerga," indicating that "the politicians are working on the political bickering and firing convulsive statements that create animosity between components and this serves only Daash criminal."

And met with the draft 2016 budget for many objections and criticism of the reduction of some important government institutions, salaries, and they are free of the investment budget and projects, at a time when a number of MPs and politicians called on the government not to harm the budget of the security forces and the popular crowd or reduced, as well as the lifting of the owners of the salaries of the lower grades.