Securities and Exchange Commission calls on the Council of Basra governor to sue the federal government

2015-11-25 14:20:33

| (Voice of Iraq) - Basra

Committee called for financial supervision and follow-up assignments in the Basra Governorate Council, on Wednesday, the governor to file a lawsuit against the federal government in order to get the benefits of financial conservatism, the Committee expressed surprise at the federal government negotiate with the Kurdistan Regional Government and non-fought similar negotiations with the local government in Basra.

Committee Chairman Sheikh Ahmad Al-Sulaiti in a statement seen by Alsumaria News, that "during the previous ten months of the current year 2015 of Basra, Iraq submitted a 839.3 barrels of oil a total cost amounted to 39.353 (thirty-nine billion three hundred and fifty-three million) dollars of the total value of oil which is sold Iraq of $ 42.445 (forty-two billion, four hundred and forty five million) dollars, while Basra did not receive only the equivalent of 300 (three hundred million) dollars of the total financial allocations for the current year, and distributed to almost five billion dollars represents the share of the province of (petro) only. " noting that "Basra's share of the regional development allocations and local revenues Mgsobh by the federal government."

Sulaiti and pointed out that "the local government, represented by the Governor as the head of the executive power which should raise a lawsuit to demand the rights of Basra Finance and the formation of the Basra oil body which we proposed earlier to negotiate with the federal government on oil to maintain the rights," adding that "that causes us to wonder interesting the federal government to negotiate with the Kurdistan Regional Government, which has retained for itself billions of dollars of federal revenues, while the government itself to Atklv give a tenth of that interest to discuss the rights of Basra, which the federal government grabbing of which approximately $ 12 billion. "

The Ministry of Finance announced in (15 September 2015) to send the draft general budget bill for next year to the Cabinet for discussion, has provided one of the paragraphs of Article II (expenses) to adopt "the amount of $ 2 for every barrel of crude oil producer in the province, and (2) a dollar for every barrel of crude oil refined in refineries maintain, and (2) a dollar for every 150 cubic meters a producer of natural gas in the province ", then the Council of Ministers to abolish that paragraph, and put a paragraph misplaced states that" based ratio 5 % of the crude oil produced revenues in the province and 5% of the crude oil revenues refined in refineries maintain and 5% of the product of natural gas revenues in the province, that the choice conservative in the choice of a revenue-producing above ", while the local government is looking in Basra to get five dollars for each barrel, also called on more than one occasion in the House of Representatives not to pass the budget in its current form.