Sayadi Abu Galal denies threat of kidnapping and assassination confirms: Atpth and attacked me verbally abusive

Author: AHF, HH, ZJ
Editor: AHF, HH

2015/11/25 15:07

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Denied MP for the coalition of state law Kazem Sayadi, on Wednesday, have been threatened, spokesman for a coalition of citizen eloquent Abu tirelessly to "kidnapping or assassination," and as he emphasized that what happened was "censure turned into an altercation after using Abu Galal words Navia from then to fire between protections, "expressing his surprise at the reactions of some political blocs, politicians and the media.

The local media quoted a security source as saying, on Tuesday evening, if at all fire occurred between MP Kazem Sayadi and spokesman for the bloc citizen, eloquent Abu Galal, after meeting them on one of the satellite channels, noting that, Sayadi open fire his pistol toward Abu Galal, what an end to the latter to respond to releases of several in the satellite channel entrance, the police were forced to intervene and disengagement and taken out of the scene.

Said Kazem Sayadi in an interview with the (long-Presse), "It is not true for all the rumors about the existence of trying to kidnap or assassinate the spokesman for a coalition of citizen eloquent Abu Galal," condemning "the reactions of some political blocs, politicians and some of the media on the subject of argument between me and Abu tirelessly. "

Sayadi, denied what he called "the allegations Abu Galal, the issue of targeted personally or the assassination attempt," noting that "what happened altercation later became the shooting between the protections of both parties."

He explained Sayadi, that "what happened was just a lintel me on Abu tirelessly being did not want peace Ali, when one of the corridors of the Tigris canal entered after Akamale to meet one of its programs and inviting me to drink tea, and when he did not want Salami Katabth that it is not the ethics of Al-Hakim or the Supreme Council not Re peace, Vvajona Knapp very cold, and it would not come down to a low level of words, which moved me too, because I was not Matba his suicide in order to respond to a prey. "

He Sayadi, "addressed the Abu Galal, saying, I do not know why purposely attack on the television your meetings, is no personal animosity between us," surprising of his to "call protection, to develop it into a brawl between his bodyguards and protect me and gunfire from both sides, and not by me I do not own any personal weapons, as many in the media, as this Altogej surprised at the things they usually get. "

The mass of the citizen accused, on Tuesday, MP for the coalition of state law, Kazem Sayadi, of trying to "kidnapping and assassination," the official spokesman, eloquent Abu Galal, while attending a meeting televised, while counting that "not less than" all acts of "terrorism shameful" , he confirmed that Abu Galal, will resort to the judiciary to take the role.