Vice reveals corruption regard to file false invoices for the purchase of 40 million "dishdasha"

11.25.2015 at 12:35 (GMT Baghdad)

Special - scales News
Vice revealed in the Integrity Committee, Wednesday, for the import of 40 million "dishdasha" forged invoices and the withdrawal of allocated money from the central bank.

The MP said, who preferred not to be named for / scales News /, that "the Ministry of Commerce is far from the case of import the" acidosis sweet "$ 28 million", pointing out that "the government's move to audit the central bank bills."

He added that "there are traders and people have to withdraw money from the central bank and were able to falsification of bills to buy sweet acid value of $ 28 million in addition to the purchase of 40 million" dishdasha "and incorporated into the Iraqi market fictional amounts."

And was a member of the parliamentary finance committee Haitham al-Jubouri revealed details of the purchase of sweet acid ended 29 quarters e