Jubouri: the tragedy of displaced persons increases the complexity and difficulty of the day!

24-11-2015 07:00 PM

House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri said, that the tragedy of displaced people has become a difficult challenge and whatever the state, they are complex and difficult to grow day after day, and put on the shoulders of those responsible weights new, it requires a process of data and conferences initiatives.

He said al-Jubouri, in conference, bum yesterday, the Committee of the displaced The deportees building of the House of Representatives on the return of the displaced to their areas liberated, that the issue of additional provisions for the displaced in the budget is very important to include with it is a big challenge because of lack of resources and Traffic operational requirements for the joints of the state, pointing out that this matter stands in one of the most important priorities together with the issue of battlefield support formations active in the field.

"He called on Speaker of the House, in a statement to his press office 'House of Representatives and the political blocs to study the request and consider it carefully before adoption of the budget in the coming days and within Chapter current legislative and before the end of this year, as the committee clans student intervention In the case that the tribal conflicts in areas that returned them displaced and narrowing this problem and cordoned off their wisdom and their ability to find the required solutions to every problem under the circumstances and legibility.

'President al-Jubouri said in his speech, that' the issue of the return of displaced people north of Diyala and southern Salahuddin and some Baghdad belt areas and northward in Sinjar after its liberation, and areas that have been displaced because of the occupation of its inhabitants Daash and her family housing areas of the sons of Christianity in some parts of Nineveh, in addition to the population of Tal Afar and others, all this represents a test of our ability to overcome our problems and miss the opportunity to terrorism '.