Interior holds the security in the center and south of the capital next month and within 6 months

Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban, on Monday, the ministry received for the security file in the central and southern regions mid next December. With pointed to a decline of terrorist incidents in those areas to 38%, he pointed out that the Baghdad Operations Command will be sorted Baghdad belt from outside the city.

This came during a press conference held by the interior minister in the ministry building to review the achievements of the ministry during the whole year and attended (range Press). He said Ghabban that "terrorist incidents in central and southern governorates ratio fell during that period from 4788 incidents to 2491 incidents," asserting that "the proportion of the decline was 38%. "The Minister of the Interior that" the southern provinces and the central portion of the sum of these incidents constitute 1% with the exception of the province of Basra 2.4% and the province of Babylon 2.6% and the rest of the ratio in Baghdad hot and the provinces, "noting that" the central and southern provinces, nine are stable security ".

Ghabban pointed out, "it was the formation of a joint committee of the Ministries of Defense and Interior and other security agencies under the supervision of Chancellery of Homeland Security to review security in those provinces, evaluation and decision-making are moving the Interior Ministry," stressing that "the commander of the armed forces, the Prime Minister issued a decree to transfer the security file in that to the provincial Ministry of the Interior will be done in the 15th of the month of December next. "

Interior Minister stressed that "Baghdad is not threatened, but no longer a security stable completely," pointing out that "the joint committee also approved a plan to transfer the security file in Baghdad during the six months from receipt of a security cordon proposal by the Ministry of the Interior as part of a new security plan to be Security police work instead of military action and military checkpoints by order of Prime Minister ", stressing at the same time, that" the Baghdad Operations Command will be sorted Baghdad belt from outside the city. "

Ghabban pointed out that "when received by the Interior Ministry this ring begin within six months of work on the territorial security and the transfer of responsibility for this entire file to the ministry," explaining that "the citizen shall feel a big difference manage this file through the deal Hrtaiwi and security and activation of security by participating solidarity between the citizen and the police. "

He said the interior minister that "the headquarters of the ministry and its patrols came under more than one thousand and 535 terrorist attack over the past year", pointing out that including "53 suicide car bombs and 109 improvised explosive device and 11 explosive belt, and 654 assault shooting either a mortar or rocket."

The Minister of the Interior, that "The ministry has provided over the past year, Alpha and 96 martyrs, including 164 officers and 932 associate," noting that "the sacrifices of the ministry of the injured stood at three thousand and 633 wounded, including 410 officers."

In another context, Ghabban said that "the ministry is drafting a vision to achieve its secure an Iraq dominated by law and order, through the maintenance of security and law enforcement," noting that "The ministry has developed a strategy on the ranges, short for a year, and an average of four years, and the term of ten years , which is in the process of ratification to be a guide for action. "

The Minister of the Interior, that "The ministry adopted the phrase principles and values, including the public participation in maintaining security and public order, including civil society organizations, the media and the tribes and the rest of the social strata," noting that "body of opinion in the ministry has taken 174 a decision was implemented 136 of them, by 78 percent. "

Ghabban pointed out that "the ministry workshop where several leading companies for three projects brought in one basket, is the ePassport and features of the electronic access and electronic gates," returned to those "projects constitute a qualitative leap in the issuance of passports and visas or departure for travelers, especially It will be implemented in a way the investment will not cost the state anything. "

He revealed the interior minister about "the intention of the ministry contracted with a specialized German company making license plates for the importation of an integrated plant for the issuance of paintings with high quality ensure that rigged, by investing too," stressing that "the current general 2015 saw the issuance of 1,000,936 thousand and 607 passports, and four million and 200 A and 290 civilian identity of conditions, and 1.00067 million and 530 nationality certificate, and 360 thousand and 201 residence card, recording 69 thousand and 900 wheel, and the issuance of 61 thousand leave the market. "