Najafi surprise announcement by the Union forces, "Sunni bloc" Antla


What to announce in the Jordanian capital Amman on Sunday for a new bloc of Sunni forces in Iraq until the accusations began some of the names goes on to participate in the new alliance.

Sunni leaders expressed opposition to the involvement of some of what he considered involved in the overthrow of Western cities, however Daash. Those leaders said the bloc neglected new forces appeared on the scene after the occupation of Sunni cities, such as clans fight for the organization "Daash" and leaders of the popular movement in the demonstrations.

The aim of the new assembly, which includes the leaders of prominent Sunni blocs in different currents, to find a "unified Sunni position" of political issues in Iraq.

It seeks bloc in the next phase, according to his spokesman, to expand to include opponents of the year for the political process outside Iraq after that succeed in achieving its objectives within the country.

Sunni parties and express fear of an attempt made by political parties to circumvent the forces participated in the face of Daash in the occupied provinces.
A number of members of the Salah al-Din have voted, during an emergency session held in Baghdad, leading to the dismissal of the governor and al-Jubouri, head of the provincial council, Ahmed Karim.

He accused the Holy voting on dismissal Daash cooperation with and participation in the province, however, the fall of the regulation.
Coordinating Sunni forces gathering.

He announced Osama Najafi, head of the coalition are united, the formation of a "supreme coordinating committee" comprising 13 people from six provinces inhabited by Sunnis in Iraq sons.

A statement by the Office of Najafi that "over several months, meetings of multilateral meetings of representatives of the six provinces in the government and the House of Representatives were held in order to agree on a road map and general principles, was agreed on Friday, November 2015 20 formation (for the Higher Coordination Committee)." Showed The statement that the standing committee includes 13 names, but the deployment of only 12 to be added another representative of the Salah al-Din. And came in the top of the list each of Osama Najafi, and Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, followed by Saleh al-Mutlaq, a former deputy prime minister, as well as mass solution leader Jamal Karbouli, and former House Speaker Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, as well as the current Minister of Planning Salman Jumaili, and tribal leader Abdul God Ajil al-Yawar.

The objectives of the new bloc And the objectives of the new assembly, MP Khalid Mafraji, a spokesman for the Coordinating Committee, says that "the bloc aimed at uniting the Sunni situation in Iraq and to address past mistakes."

He Mafraji, in connection with the (range), said, "we seek to help our audience in the six provinces and displaced people received a file from the government, which failed to be resolved."
And displaced people began to file recently advanced dialogues and conditions of the Sunni coalition forces as one of the conditions for the creation of a new understanding with the Shiite parties, particularly Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.
He called coalition forces early this November Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi intensification of effort and money to save fleeing "Daash" who are more than three million individual number.

The new bloc, Saleh al-Mutlaq, MP of the article Ebadi, who took charge of the supervision of the Supreme Committee for the displaced, which is accused of wasting money allocated to house and help thousands of people displaced from their areas.
And the failure of the House of Representatives to interrogate al-Mutlaq, during his official position as deputy prime minister, and declining demand Bmhacpth after his dismissal in the reforms conducted by al-Abadi in August.

Alliance with opponents of Baghdad

According to the MP Khalid Mafraji, the new Sunni bloc in the next phase seeks to "hold a meeting in Baghdad in the next two weeks, the conference will establish each year attended by Sunni leaders to participate in the political process."

This is the first step in the way of the expansion of the new assembly, according to his spokesman, about the opponents home and abroad. Mafraji says that "the Commission will have an internal system and mechanisms of action and will start clicking through the dignitaries participating in it to achieve their political goals and the enactment of important laws such as the General Amnesty and National Guard."

He expressed the Union of Forces, the largest Sunni blocs, optimism about what he called "the progress in the implementation of the government prior agreements" after sending the revised and final version of the amnesty bill to parliament.

Mafraji says that "the new alliance will not only work on the general political level, but will be keen to find a performance characteristic of local governments that exist in the year."
According to the statement distributed by Najafi, the Office of "coordinating members also agreed to call a meeting of the expanded local leaders of current and former governors and give provincial councils current and former members of the current and previous ministerial bloc in the presence of leaders of the major political blocs representing the six provinces, that the conference will be held in Baghdad and the initializes Conference to be held temporary committee ends its convening of the General Conference. "
The statement added that "the Supreme Coordinating Committee as it announces its intention to work and to respond to the challenges facing our country hopes to achieve a serious fusion, and the unification of voice and attitude to respond to terrorism and to undermine the foundations once and for all."

Reproduce yards sit

For his part, says MP Mohammad al-Karbouli, the head of the parliamentary solution, that "the new bloc was limited to some Sunni figures," although a spokesman for the Coordinating Committee confirms that it represents 90% of the Sunni spectrum.

But Karbouli confirms, in an interview (range), "The assembly does not include all Sunni forces as he neglected the new powers have emerged after the occupation of Daash to our cities, such as clans and young people fighting for militants as well as demonstrations and popular leaders of the movement."
He criticized the MP for Anbar names participated in the new bloc by saying that "some of them have not kept their cities from falling However Daash participated so," stressing that "the assembly returned us some figures that were presented itself Knatqh spokesman Ezz yards and dignity, as if our memories short to this extent." .oihdhir Karbouli of "reproduction of a previous alliance failed in its objectives such as the consolidation of the position of the Sunni Accordance Front and the Iraqi and even the current coalition forces."

Karbouli advised the new bloc to "go first to persuade opponents to them at home before thinking outside the border to cross into and engage the opposition."

Union of Forces surprised
In the meantime, Deputy for the Union of Forces says that "most of the members of the Union forces were surprised by the announcement of the new bloc because they had heard it from the media."
It said al-Jubouri MP victory, in an interview (range), "The meeting took place in the Jordanian capital, and we started doing when we heard about each contact in the Union of Forces to inquire about the new event."
Jubouri says that "members of the forces are waiting for the return of union leaders to Baghdad to explain the goals of the new assembly," likely to "turn the alliance into a political party after the entry into force of the new law of parties".