Czech send ground troops to Iraq


The Czech government declared its readiness to send ground troops to Iraq and Syria as part of the war against Daash gangs Alarhabiyh.oukal Czech Defense Minister Martin Strupniki that his country was ready to send a group of some 200 fighters to Syria and Iraq force, in case NATO decided [NATO] a ground offensive Daash against the minister Algiki He added that the force will be composed mostly of experts in the field of chemical weapons, pointing out that the likelihood of a ground war against Daash increased after Paris Alojerh.ooarb attacks and Defense Minister Algiki preference because the armies of the regional countries to launch the attack backed by air cover international. The Republic sent Algik meal of weapons containing ten million rounds of machine guns and five thousand grenade and soon will be followed by other shipments containing ammunition for the guns and anti-armor to the government in Baghdad and Erbil.