Department of Real Estate Registration supply the state treasury 250 billion topped the first mattress
2015-11-24 18:40:20

| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

It topped the first places in the annual profits of JD revealed the Land Registry Department of the Ministry of Justice, all profits made during the nine-month rate. The general director of the Department of Registration real estate Mahdi demanded: that the department has made a profit of (250,145,817,851) two hundred and fifty billion and a hundred and forty-five million and eight hundred and seventeen thousand eight hundred and one and fifty dinars, explaining that this profit is the sum of the circuit revenues during the nine months. The Director General pointed: that the department top-ranked for the rest of the state institutions by its annual profits, saying that will revive the state treasury and contribute significantly to the advancement of their projects investment. The House of Representatives voted earlier in the Act to amend the judicial fees and by which the allocation of $ (100,000) one hundred thousand dinars to the staff of judicial departments are not covered by provisions risk and (200,000) two hundred thousand dinars for the directors of departments, and still this law stalled in the Ministry of Finance