MP: watching the reforms closely .. no new paper before the first application

Tuesday 24 November 2015 | 19:38

BAGHDAD / .. assured the Parliamentary Integrity Committee member Abdul Aziz Zalmi, Tuesday, on the need to complete the reforms announced by the government in addition to the paper the House of Representatives, and applied on the ground, in conjunction with the demonstrations in the Green Zone, set up by a number of civilian activists threatened with closure in case it is not implementation of their demands within two weeks, as pointed out that the Council would not be able to issue another reformist decisions before he does the first sheet.

Said Zalmi for "Eye Iraq News", that "the implementation of reforms is part of the trust granted by the demonstrators to the government in a move amendments and actually improve service and eliminate corruption," adding, "The other part of which is still to now is not enabled, especially with regard to demands relating to corruption, "As hinted that" the House of Representatives will not be able to issue paper and other reforms before the first paper application. "

He said Zalmi, said that "the parliament is closely watching the government's actions in the implementation of reforms, as a representative of the people, but some political blocs are hindering these reforms," ​​noting Nan "a mandate given to the Prime Minister was a positive step by the Parliament, but There are disagreements about the reforms themselves, between those who finds an urgent necessity and the promise of a constitutional violation. "

The number of civilian activists renewed their demonstrations, on Tuesday, from inside the Green Zone, threatening to make to a wider area in two weeks, and the closure of the House of Representatives in the event no activation of reforms and promises of the House of Representatives, while denouncing "failing" that afflict the work of the parliament, confirmed a demonstration on Friday to postpone coming to the end of the fortieth visit Imam Hussein to allow the security forces to protect Alzairan.anthy 8