A member of the parliamentary economy: the depletion of hard currency and the disaster is working to hit the domestic industry [audio]

2015/11/24 7:28

[Baghdad - where]
promised a member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Nora Albjara, hard currency out of Iraq by imports and not recycled within the country, "a major catastrophe".

She Albjara, told all of Iraq [where], "The Ministry of Industry is today a big task, a re-Harbi manufacturing companies, as we have the task of companies neglected from 2003 until now because of the occupation of Iraq and the decisions of Bremer and the presence of internal and external agendas worked to stop these companies, as well as regional states and major so as not to make Iraq stronger again and have a self-sufficiency of weapons needed if Balaatdh. "

She added that" the Minister of Industry has enabled these companies that have simple to produce a first step, it needs to support the government, "noting that" The interior and defense ministries net importers gunshot billions of dollars, at a time can the Ministry of Industry if provided with small amounts of government that produced and are dispensing with these contracts. ", however that" the corruption that exists does not allow the conclusion of these contracts with the industry, which is to give the field a few and the amounts companies Manufacturing Harbi will be able within a very short period of time can save a gear to meet the needs of the country, Industrialization needs to support more can fill the needs of the country. "

She explained Albjara that "we have a schedule for 274 material may Ministry of Industry be provided in the local markets, but on the ministries that is committed to take them and contracting with industry companies, "noting that" the budget committed ministries to take products industry companies, but the excuse is that the materials are more expensive, because the raw material cost somewhat, so the prices found in the Ministry of Industry different from the prices that come from the outside, but the quality of industry products better. "

It showed that" hard currency out abroad and lack of investment in Iraq is a problem of a large disaster, Iraq is the only country that drains hard currency, which must revolve within the country, under contract ministries among themselves and taking products industry companies can provide hard currency within the country. "

She continued, "There are countries and companies operating on the support of some of the companies and paid commodity of be losing them to Iraq to try to be in control of the Iraqi economy, and Iraq remains the importer of these goods, whether neighboring countries or regional states pay amounts loss of these companies that produce products needed by Iraq in order to keep the domestic industry a devastating They are dominant on the economic situation in the country and the economy to recover again. "

The Ministry of Industry announced in 17 of this month to begin the process of rehabilitation and industry military and military equipment to help supplement the security forces and the crowd popular Matanajh of a weapon and try to self-sufficiency, including in combat terrorist Daash gangs.

The Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji had announced on the fifth of August, for the formation of a supreme body of the defense industry under his chairmanship and membership of the officials in the ministry, "adding that" Iraq spent an estimated 600 million dollars for the purchase of military equipment, "stressing" The ministry's ability to re-mic to suit the experience of the current political system and international law. "

Chaired by Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces Haider Abadi, in the 15th of this month, a meeting of the body military industries, was discussed to develop a strategy to bring the military industry in Iraq and support the reinforcement of local industry and the importance of be within international standards and work to run the production of light weapon lines, medium and mortars, in addition to the march aircraft industry. "

The supreme religious authority had called earlier to" local military industry revitalization of relying on Iraqi minds and take swift and bold that decision being a part of military security of the country ".anthy 2