After the fall of the Russian military .. an emergency meeting of NATO

11/24/2015 17:56:00
Foreign Ministry summoned Turkish Russian-based business, Tuesday, after Turkish fighter shot down a Russian warplane on the border with Syria, as he prepares NATO, "NATO" to hold an emergency meeting at the request of Turkey.
The Turkish military has said that the F16 fighter aircraft were shot down Russian plane, after he sent 10 warnings to the plane for over 5 minutes before the drop.
This is the first time that a Member State fall in NATO Russian airliner since the fifties.

NATO meeting

Furthermore, it held the North Atlantic Council, NATO's decision-making body, held an emergency meeting, Tuesday, at the request of Turkey, according to the official who spoke on condition of anonymity, according to news agency Associated Press.

And hold a council of ambassadors of the United States meeting, and the 27-nation NATO, in the fifth pm local time (1500 UTC).
The official said that "the purpose of this emergency meeting of the North Atlantic Council, is the fact that the circumstances of the allies of Turkey to drop Russian military aircraft."
The Council has accused Russia's "irresponsible behavior" on the fifth of October, after the Russians two violations of Turkish airspace, as Ankara announced.