Alusi: Maliki allowed to Turkey of interfering in Iraq's borders in exchange for his survival in power

11/24/2015 13:35 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - scales News
He accused a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, Mithal al-Alusi, Tuesday, the current government and the Foreign Ministry not to take action worthy of respect towards its interference in the affairs of Iraq Turkey's policy, while pointing out that Nuri al-Maliki new signing an agreement with Turkey to have the right to intervene in the Iraqi border for survival on a chair rule.

He said al-Alusi's / scales News / "The Turkish government is of the whims of Ottoman and insure the re-Ottoman glory to the Arab countries," noting that "Iraq and Syria are the key to the geographical situation of the expansion of Turkey's economy and security States that were under their control."

He added that "it is necessary to look at Turkish politics that depend on the progress quietly to try to confuse seeking to build a stable Iraq state efforts," stressing that "the government of Nouri al-Maliki in order to stay in power new signing with Turkey to have the right to intervene in the Iraqi border and far 30 km meter".

He pointed out that "al-Maliki and his government Astqowa Turkey to resolve internal disputes between Erbil and Baghdad, making clear there legitimacy to the Turks to intervene militarily, security, and intelligence in Iraq," pointing to "the presence of two military bases in the Iraqi Trchetin depth".

He explained that "the Iraqi Foreign Ministry's position is very weak towards Turkey and Saudi Arabia," noting that "the previous government which was headed by al-Maliki and the current government headed by Haidar al-Abbadi and the Foreign Ministry did not take any action worthy of respect."

The member of the Foreign Relations Committee, Mithal al-Alusi accused, earlier, failing to defend Iraqi interests and seeking to open a Saudi embassy in Baghdad, as called to be for Iraq and a clear strategy in the fight against terrorism and the expulsion of defeatists and dealers with the "Al-Saud" of the Iraqi government. It ended 29 quarters e