Parliamentary economy reveal the existence of corruption in the civil and government banks

11.24.2015 at 11:24 (GMT Baghdad)

Special - scales News
Detection of the economic and investment commission parliamentary member Harith al-Harthy, Tuesday, that the existence of fraud within the government and private banks because of their dependence on the old system in management, while pointing out that the old ways continue to deal affect the economy of Iraq.

He said Al-Harthy's / scales News / "The delay and underdevelopment banking management using the old methods led to the delay in banking process and the occurrence of fraud in Iraqi banks", calling for "doomed modern possibilities and make order in the government electronically in all its institutions banking system."

"The banks that are going to make the electronic documents in line with the era of progress," and urged "to move away from the old system in the government and private banks manage."

He pointed out that "the difficulties faced by the banks handling the old methods affect the economy of Iraq through the reluctance of foreign investors to put their money where because of reliance on the old system and red tape." It ended 29 quarters e