Deputy denies loss of $ 350 billion and confirms "extinguish" advance funding in previous years

MP for the coalition of state Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, Monday, prosecutors said the loss of billions of dollars Iraq is logical that some hint of Representatives corruption files enter the country in a dark tunnel for partisan reasons and private interests. Jafar said L / scales News /, "The news that has been circulating on the loss of Iraq funds amounted to $ 350 billion through theft, corruption and smuggling is logical," adding that "there is a crackdown by regulatory committees, integrity and financial." He added, "The wave of some deputies in parliament introduced the files of corruption in Iraq, a dark tunnel because of political and partisan interests", calling for "petals those files for integrity and stay away from promoting it in front of the media." He noted that "Parliament has decided to extinguish some of the issues and the financial files and advances that have been made provable or verifiable because of the difficulty of reaching to or loss of evidence, which lasted from 2007 to 2010". "The reports indicated that the big money lost Iraq amounted to $ 350 billion due to corruption and smuggling" .