Reuters: recognize the Kurdistan oil smuggling

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: Minister Almurad Nature announced in the government of Iraqi Kurdistan 'Ashti Hawrami', that his government may have actually smuggling Iraqi oil through illegal channels to obtain the support and resources of its existence after narrowing by Baghdad. This came in a report by the 'Reuters' and confirmed 'Irak Business News', the British, the minister's recognition came after the escalation of political differences between the center in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government in Arbil, which triggered a wave of reactions angry political act, and which ones are announced by the Minister. Where he Hawrami, the Kurdistan smuggled oil through vessels deceptive transport would then transfer the contents of Iraqi oil to tankers giant transport parked at sea to avoid setting Alkmarki and export data recording, due to the ban of export which Asthsalth government in Baghdad against it, saying that his government It was forced to in order to obtain sufficient resources to sustain its existence. He Hawrami, that this act have been paid by the Government of the Kurdistan after the collapse of the deal held by Baghdad with Erbil and Judge export of the region of 400,000 barrels of oil a day to Baghdad in exchange for 17% of the Iraqi general budget, where the provincial government has failed and'laspab technique 'on he said, to play their part and pay the agreed-oil ratio, which followed in Baghdad to cut off funding. It recalls that Baghdad, since the receipt of information from the export of the Kurdish government oil illegally, have threatened and continue to take legal action and the trial of Kurdish companies operating in export, especially that of Baghdad legal weight after he won a case brought against carrying Kurdistan oil tankers in the United States, forcing them Back to Iraq, prompting Kurdistan to deal with all of Malta and Israel for the lack of an Iraqi diplomatic relations with these two countries.