Mass citizen: the budget of ministries and bodies granted the right to impose taxes without specifying

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / MP ... about a block belonging to Hassan Khalati, on Monday, said that next year's budget law in 2016, granting the ministries and bodies the right to impose taxes without specifying the amount. Said Khalati member of the Health and Environment Committee in Parliament in a statement received / Baghdadi News / copy of it, that "after reviewing the budget law, found by some of the gaps, including: Article 26, which says that ministries and government bodies the right to impose taxes and levies", noting that " This article left without limitations and this is a big gap and a burden on the citizen The ministry or institution and authority when imposing taxes are trying to bridge the expenditure, and there is a large deficit and the lack of allocations, so the service ministries are trying to fill their expenditures from taxes and said, "You can not leave this section without limitations, and he should The sets in Almoisnhoodhav MP Khalati that "the numbers listed in the budget close to reality," adding, "but the amounts do we get $ 13 billion as imports from non-oil was being collected from the border crossing points, taxes and other", stressing that "this is where a lot of exaggeration, this No. We did not get it in the current year to be collected in the next year in 2016 ".
He Khalati, noted that "what is given to the provinces producing oil and gas on top of Basra in the laws in force says to $ 5 per barrel, while what came budget 5% Law and this represents 50% of the previous figure, half the previous figure," pointing out that "the number the former has not given not given Basra rights from the previous financial accumulations that are almost 11 billion dollars. "
He continued as that of the gaps in the budget law, is the "popular crowd who needs funds and represents today the battle axis has been allocated a budget trillion and a quarter trillion Act allocations, and this is not even for salaries charged enough, as we have large numbers, as well as armament, and equipment and preparation that needs to be a lot of money, so we need to transfers of some doors to cover the expenses of the crowd ".