Article 14 in the budget to protect squatters on public money

Student member of the Finance Committee in Parliament MP Rahim al-Darraji, Monday, the abolition of paragraph 14 of the draft budget law, which gives the Minister of Finance the power to turn off the advances without dispensing mechanism. He said Darraji in a statement "the agency of our economy," received a copy of it, that "the report of the special budget for this year, the Commission stated that the advances which have not been settled since 2006 to 2014 amounted to almost 113 trillion dinars," noting that "the Commission's report confirms that these expenses were incurred to paragraphs unscheduled budget and this means that the exchange was a clear violation of law. " He added that article 14 Darraji in the budget law gives the authority to the Minister of Finance by turning off the advances without reference to knowledge exchange mechanisms such advances or make statements, and to this article protects transgressors of public funds. He called for the abolition of Article 14 for turning off the advances disbursed outside the approved budget unless it is found on coupes exchange and where the money went to see the squatters on the Iraqi people's money.