Quality control in line with international companies to inspect the goods before delivery

It confirmed the Department of quality control in the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control Nasreen orientation to conclude agreements with international companies in the process of examination of the goods before delivery provided that the examination under Iraqi specifications and monitor directly from the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control. The Director General of the Department of quality control Nasreen Sami said in a statement seen by the agency of our economy news that these contracts are the result of the large number of border crossings on the one hand and to prevent the accumulation of imported goods and damage to the other.
She said Sami that the device does audited the information issued by the companies regarding the goods and took samples of the These goods at border crossing points through the scans and certify compliance to ensure their safety and conformity with the standards as well as an annual evaluation of corporate performance through technical evaluation specialist team, accompanying take legal action in case of violations of the terms of the contract through the creation of a database and exchange system In order to enable the device from the receipt of the certificates and documents to continuously follow-up inspection and checks the files.
She noted that the project led purpose for which it was established for him by maintaining the integrity of the product, afterthought he needs to process development and control over, along with the amendment to some of the paragraphs, pointing out that The program has been adopted since the year 2011 in order to preserve the health, safety and the accelerator effect clearance with a certificate
of conformity.
She noted that the device is working in collaboration with other government agencies such as the Ministry of Commerce that the granting of import licenses, stressing the need for the holiday for people to be well-known and are established and to be imported from the origins of the goods global and that the information be sober and to be awarded a certificate of conformity in the country of origin.