Venezuela: OPEC to change its policy and only fall in oil prices to 20 dollars

2015/11/23 16:06

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad demanded the Minister of Venezuelan oil, on Sunday, OPEC action to restore stability to the crude market soon, stressing that he can not allow OPEC to run in oil prices, war and must do something to restore balance to the market.

He said Aaolockheo del Pino on the sidelines Exporting Countries Forum Gas in Tehran that "for OPEC to do something very soon, do not agree with the view that the market will dictate the way the price of crude oil does not agree with the Saudi position." He added, "Iran announced that production will increase as soon as the lifting of sanctions and should do something we can not OPEC can not allow to enter into a price war, we need to bring stability to the market. "When asked the extent to which oil prices may decline in 2016 said" if OPEC did not change its policy of productivity lost oil prices fall to $ 20 or $ 30 in 2016, "noting "Russia will not attend the informal meeting of OPEC on the third of December." The minister of Venezuela and stressed that "the price at which constantly investment allowed in the future to offset the natural decline in production there at the level of $ 88." He explained that "low oil prices will affect the investment in the future which may mean failure to meet the oil demand growth, which would mean a price spike later ", complement by saying," We do not want this type of course the price drops and the height they are harmful to consumers and producers alike, we need to send a signal stability to the market and signal that stability is not what we are doing is we are destroying price of crude oil, speculation is dominant on the market. "را