Ministry of Interior announces removing all checkpoints in Baghdad
Monday, 23 November 2015 15:17

Shafaq News / The Minister of Interior , Mohammed Salem Al -Ghabban said on Monday that the Iraqi security authorities

removed all security checkpoints in the capital Baghdad.

Dozens of security barriers were spread on the streets of Iraqi cities, manned by soldiers or police forces for many years in an effort to prevent the daily attacks by militants by bombs , car bombs and armed attacks.

But despite that Baghdad is still exposed to daily attacks until now mostly by militants linked to ISIS, as well as barriers that significantly impede traffic in the big city.

Ghabban revealed at a news conference in Baghdad followed by Shafaq News, removing all the internal checkpoints in coordination with Baghdad operations.

He also said that the Interior Ministry will soon receive tasks of protection of Baghdad belt areas in coordination with Baghdad Operations Command, noting at the same time that " the terrorist operations rate dropped by 37 percent during the current year."