Commission to resolve tribal conflicts in Basra expects the decline of conflicts over the next year

2015-11-23 21:53:03

| (Voice of Iraq) - Basra

Higher Committee to resolve tribal conflicts in Basra, said Monday that the province has seen during the current year tribal armed conflicts fewer units of the conflicts that have occurred over the past year, and predicted the decline of these conflicts more over the next year.

Committee Chairman Sheikh expresses Muhammadawi in an interview with Alsumaria's News, "The tribal armed conflicts that took place in Basra during the current year is less violent and a number much of the conflicts in the province within the previous year," noting that "the quality of those conflicts differed from the previous, It was when I break out soon worsen, but when they occur are currently cordoned off quickly with putting pressure on the warring parties to accept a truce, and the warring clans became feel free to disclose their members who reject the peace and seek to Altogej. "

Muhammadawi and pointed out that "tribal conflicts hopefully will recede more over the next year, but will continue, as it is not possible to eliminate them easily because they are caused by habits and social norms established a long time ago," explaining that "the role of our committee is limited to immediate intervention at the outbreak tribal armed conflicts in order to calm and reduce the chances of the evolution of the conflict. "

The Chairman of the Committee, which was formed less than a year and includes 25 senators-year-old that "the mitigation of the phenomenon of armed tribal conflicts requires religious institution play a greater role to raise awareness of the dangers of these conflicts and its negative repercussions on the social, security and economic conditions level," adding that "the Commission held today at its headquarters in a meeting with officials of a number of actors of civil society organizations resulted in the development of an action plan for the implementation of a voluntary campaign by those organizations to educate tribal violence against nature tribal and armed conflicts. "

Some were within the terms of Hartha rural areas have seen two weeks ago tense security sharply because of a tribal conflict between clans Allav and Alkramch, which prompted security forces to surround those areas and set up temporary checkpoints in order to prevent armed clashes between members of the two clans, and in the (October 14 the second in 2015) the Supreme Committee to resolve tribal conflicts in Basra announced a truce (Atwa) between feuding clans.

The Basra faced after 2003 a lot of tribal armed conflicts involving the use of different types of light and medium weapons, and resulted in such conflicts in the killing and wounding dozens, most of which were set in the rural areas located north of the province, which prompted led Fourteenth Infantry Division in 2007 to create a (host) a traditional reed inside one of its camps in order to deal with the parties to tribal conflicts.

The local government announced the beginning of the year 2014 for the formation of a higher committee to solve complex tribal conflicts, then announced that after months on the formation of a security force and described as "striking" mission resolving tribal conflicts, but those measures have not put an end to tribal conflicts that are often caused by problems and differences Basic figure, according to observers.