Iraq proposes to determine the pricing of gas exporting countries between indicators

2015-11-23 18:52:45

| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

He suggested the president Fuad Masum, Monday, unify gas pricing indicators among exporting countries in order to get away from the fluctuations of world oil prices, as called for the need to create a sophisticated system of export and branched regionally.

Masum said in a speech, today, during the third Summit of the Forum of Gas Exporting Countries held in Tehran's work: "We propose to unify the pricing of gas indicators to move away gradually from fluctuations in world oil prices," stressing the importance of "prioritizing the use of natural gas towards value-added uses, At the forefront of petrochemicals and fertilizers. "

He stressed infallible on the need "to provide natural gas alternatives in the uses of nuclear energy, renewable energy, shale and natural gas," and called for "the creation of a sophisticated export system and branched regionally through multiple pipe lengths and measurement between the regional producing and consuming countries between the Caspian Sea and on to the rest of the world on the basis of common interests and flexibility. "

And kicked off in the Iranian capital Tehran, earlier on Monday (November 23, 2015), the Third Summit of the Forum of Gas Exporting Countries with the participation of business leaders and the heads of 12 countries, including Iraq.