Reconstruction is discussing with the World Bank loan reconstruction of liberated areas

Minister of Construction and Housing and public municipalities Tariq Kikhany received a delegation from the World Bank to discuss the current and future for each of the loan liberated areas {Diyala - Salahuddin} private loan projects a portion of Highway No. 1.ozkr Kikhany in a statement yesterday that "the meeting included Search restore infrastructure reconstruction infrastructure for each of the roads, bridges and projects of municipalities, water and sewer projects as well as service projects with the participation of the ministry companies with the World Bank in the implementation of these projects. "He added," it was addressed to future projects planned, which include roads and bridges that connect the border crossing points each from Turkey, Kuwait and Iran ways Links and cooperation between the World Bank and the Islamic Bank. "The statement noted that" the delegation across his part, thanked the Minister for the cooperation and support they demonstrated service to those areas and its people, stressing the need for joint Astmraraltaaon for the completion of current and future projects. "